Titanium Windshields for Evernew Pots

VESUV Windshields for 0,9 and 1,3 liter pots and now also for the 0,6 l pot, provide more efficiency, stability and comfort while cooking outdoors with your titanium Evernew cooking pot and alcohol stove. Made from ultralight 0,1 mm titanium foil, the VESUV Windshield is easy to use, and rolls up compactly. Windshield and stove fit together in the pot, making it easy to pack. You will love how effective this windscreen is, with hardly any weight adding to your pack.

Check out the VESUV Windshield SPECIFICATIONS.

Improves fuel efficiency!

Rolls up compactly!

Packs super light!

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VESUV windshields: stable and safe! Order at one of our retailers.