Titanium windshields for Evernew pots & Titanium Tent Pegs

NEW: We added a VESUV windshield for the Evernew #1 (0,6 L) pot to our product range to complete the series!

VESUV Outdoor provides avid hikers with a variety of lightweight high quality titanium products, such as our titanium windshield for Evernew pots and our newly introduced titanium tent pegs.

Our titanium windshields are made from super light titanium foil, only adding 22 g (0,6 L pot), 24 g (0,9 L pot) or 32 g (1,3 L pot) to your pack. They come in a protective bag and fit snug in your Evernew pot. Check out the titanium windshields for Evernew pots HERE.


The ultralight titanium tent pegs are made from grade 5 titanium, making the pegs super strong, but only weigh 5,5 grams per peg. Throw a few tent pegs in your pack and you won’t feel the difference. Find out more about the titanium tent pegs HERE.

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Product Specifications

NEW: For Pot #1 (0,6 L, ECA421 or ECA532)

Weight: 22 g

Dimensions: Ø145 x 114 mm

Dimensions when packed: Ø32 x 115 mm

For Pot #2 (0,9 L, ECA422 or ECA533)

Weight: 24 g

Dimensions: Ø155 x 125 mm

Dimensions when packed: Ø32 x 127 mm

For Pot #3 (1,3 L, ECA423 or ECA534)

Weight: 32 g

Dimensions: Ø175 x 143 mm

Dimensions when packed: Ø34 x 145 mm

Where to buy

Please contact one of our retailers to order your Vesuv windshield.

Australia: www.tiergear.com.au

Czech Republic: www.nalehko.com

Danmark/EU: www.backpackinglight.dk

Germany: www.walkonthewildside.de

Finland: www.backpackinglight.fi

Japan: www.evernew.co.jp

New Zealand: www.packgeargo.co.nz

Slovakia: www.outdoorline.sk

Spain: www.superligero.es

Sweden: www.backpackinglight.se

Switzerland: www.outdoorfeeling.com

United Kingdom: www.valleyandpeak.co.uk

Netherlands: info@amplius.cz

Canada: canada@vesuv-outdoor.eu

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