Titanium Windshields for TOAKS pots

Vesuv Windshields for Toaks pots 700 ml-diam 115 mm and 900 ml-diam 130 mm are now available and as effective as our windshields for Evernew pots!


For Pot 700 ml diam 115 mm
Weight: 22 g
Dimensions: Ø145 x 127 mm
Dimensions when packed: Ø32 x 128 mm (does not fit in pot)

For Pot 900 ml diam 130 mm
Weight: 26 g
Dimensions: Ø160 x 123 mm
Dimensions when packed: Ø32 x 125 mm

Improves fuel efficiency!

Rolls up compactly!

Packs super light!

Use your Vesuv Windschield together with the Vesuv Hotspot 40 Alcohol Stove for optimum cooking efficiency.

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Vesuv Windshieldsstable and safe! Order at one of our retailers.